Small businesses, families take advantage of November warmth

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- With the sun shining and the temperatures in the high 70s this weekend, it was packed from Ocean City to Rittenhouse Square. Everyone from musicians to athletes to friends found no excuse to stay inside.

"When the weather's nice, this area is great for working out outside," said Dennis Kim of Rittenhouse.

"It's kind of uncharacteristic for November but it's beautiful," said Josh Lee of South Philadelphia.

A group of musicians played their instruments in Rittenhouse Square and said their shows were canceled due to COVID. They said the park gave them a way to practice and a way to hang out with one another.

"We started trying like four weeks ago but the weather the last three times we planned it, it was either disgusting out or it was way too cold and windy. So it's awesome that the weather is so nice," said Bryan Cowan of North Philadelphia.

And the high temperatures have been a saving grace for the restaurant and entertainment industry. It's no secret the owners are dreading the winter and the prospect of empty tables.

"We lost everything until we were able to start doing things outside, so we're trying to recoup," said Jonathan Hunter, owner of the Raven Lounge.

Hunter said COVID-19 shut down normal operations, so he pivoted and sells margaritas from his "raven mobile."

"Oh my god this weekend has been fantastic," said Hunter. "We set up yesterday at Rittenhouse Square Park, there was tons of people out celebrating and the vibe, the positive energy. It was amazing, it was like winning the Super Bowl."
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