Legendary Texas oyster family opens waterfront seafood spot

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Monday, July 19, 2021
Legendary Texas oyster family opens waterfront seafood spot
This legendary family-owned oyster company offers "tide-to-table" dining at their waterfront restaurant!

SEABROOK, Texas -- When Johnny Halili first started Prestige Oysters in the 1970s, he had just one boat - and a plan to achieve the American Dream. After immigrating to the U.S. from Albania, he worked for years as a deckhand in Louisiana before finally buying a boat, the Lady Katherine, and creating his own success as a shrimper and oysterman.

Today, Prestige Oysters is one of the largest oyster distributors in the country, running to processing plants and 100 boats stretching from Texas to Maryland. The family-run company is also leading the industry in sustainable oyster harvesting, placing oyster shells and rock back into the Gulf of Mexico to help create new reefs.

Last year, Prestige Oysters launched a new venture, opening destination restaurant Pier 6 in San Leon, Texas. Diners at the waterfront spot will enjoy a "tide to table" menu, complete with fresh oysters just harvested from the Gulf of Mexico. For more information, check out pier6seafood.com.