Milton Street Mayoral Candidate Profile

NORTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Action News caught with former State Senator Milton Street canvassing along North 22nd Street in North Philadelphia, about 100 yards from the GameStop store where Philadelphia Police Sgt. Robert Wilson was murdered during a botched robbery attempt last month.

Street says reducing crime would trigger business reinvestment in long declining neighborhoods.

Street says, "I'm going to hire people from the community to patrol the community as a network. Increased surveillance reduces crime."

Street vows Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey would be out the moment Mayor Michael Nutter leaves City Hall.

He says, "I would not keep Ramsey because I think that we need somebody from Philadelphia who was born and raised in Philadelphia."

Then there is the issue of tax reform.

Street, who went to federal prison for unpaid taxes, says he'll hire experts to figure it all out.

As for fixing the financially needy school district, Street says the city should give up on trying to dramatically increase direct aid from the general assembly.

"You're not going to get white legislators to give you the white constituents' tax dollars, that they have to answer to, to send to Philadelphia to educate some black children." says Street.

Tapping gambling revenue or getting a share of the proceeds from the state lottery would be Street's way of generating more cash.

Street says, "They raise hundreds of millions of dollars they give for senior citizens. Why can't you put something onto the lottery for schools?"

T. Milton Street, now well into his 70s, has been a high-profile figure in this town for more than 40 years.

He's often stirring the pot, challenging the establishment and generating controversy.

When he ran for mayor 4 years ago, Milton Street got 36,000 votes in the Democratic primary against incumbent Mayor Nutter, that's 24% of the vote.

If he can get numbers like that in this Spring's crowded field, Street will be a major factor come May 19th.
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