Mothers of the Movement ready to speak at DNC

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Basketball legend Michael Jordan spoke out Monday about the senseless killings of African-Americans and police officers.

Jordan announced he's donating $1-million to both the NAACP's Legal Defense Fund and to the Institute for Community-Police Relations.

This comes as seven mothers who lost their children to violence prepare for a very important appearance at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night in Philadelphia.

They sat down with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America.

They are mothers, each with their own stories of unspeakable loss.

Each introduced themselves.

"Sybrina Fulton. Mother of Trayvon Martin," Fulton said. "My life changed dramatically on Feb. 26, 2012."

"Lucia McBath. I'm the mother of Jordan Davis, the young man who was shot and killed in Jacksonville, Florida, for playing loud music in his car."

"I'm Lezley McSpadden. My son is Michael Brown. He was killed on August 9 in Ferguson."

"I'm Cleopatra Cowley, mother of the late Hadiya Pendleton. Hadiya was murdered January 29, 2013. She was shot into the back."

"I'm Maria Hamilton, my son was Dontre Hamilton. My baby had 21 bullet holes in his body. I did not get any justice."

"I'm Geneva Reed-Veal, the mother of Sandra Bland. She ended up dead in a jail cell."

"My name is Gwen Carr. I am the mother of Eric Garner, murdered two years ago last week in Stanton Island by police officer who put him in a chokehold."

Robin Roberts said, "I can't breathe? You heard that from demonstrators across the country, using that as their battle cry."

They are moms now standing united with the one person they believe can make a change - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Their group is called Mothers of the Movement, joining forces to support Clinton's campaign.

In a campaign video that will air Tuesday night during the convention, they ask, "From your perspective, Mrs. Clinton, what can we do?"

"Well, I think, you can continue to speak out, but you will be more effective if you do somehow band together," Clinton says.

Robin Roberts asked the mothers, "I was taught that you want to cause a reaction that's going to lead to action and what is it that you want this message to be?"

"We must bring awareness, we must, to tell the people that don't wait till tragedy knock on your door. Start doing something now in the communities to help your neighborhood, help your communities," Carr said.

"Our leaders need to be accountable," Hamilton said.

Roberts asked Hamilton if she believes Secretary Clinton is going to be able to do that as president.

"With the reform bill that she has in place, it implements it. But we're going to hold her accountable for her actions with these bills and laws," Hamilton said.

"She's the first presidential candidate that I'm aware of that has just said, 'This is a national crisis. It has to be dealt with. Our communities and our families will never be safe unless we deal with gun violence in this country,'" McBath said.

Mothers of the Movement are scheduled to speak following former President Bill Clinton at the Wells Fargo Center.
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