Trump holds N.J. rally to help Gov. Chris Christie

LAWRENCEVILLE, N.J. (WPVI) -- Donald Trump made his first campaign appearance in New Jersey Thursday with a rally at the National Guard Armory in Lawrenceville to help a former opponent turned ally.

The line of Trump supporters started forming this afternoon outside the armory.

"He is a confident, successful businessman, self-made billionaire," said Vincent Caccia, Trump supporter. "He don't need anyone, and he is going to turn this country around."

Those who wanted to see Trump paid $200 to help New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie retire his campaign debt.

We asked those in attendance why they came, and it's evident there is a deep reservoir of faith in Trump and what he promises.

"Were here to support Donald Trump because he's the person that's going to fix our immigration system," said Juliana, Trump supporter. "Our grandmother came here from Bogota, Columbia, and she came legal way, not the way everyone else is coming, so he needs to fix it."

During the rally, Trump quickly moved into his rapid-fire, stream-of-conciseness delivery from his primary victories in the East to his likely Democratic opponent.

"If Hillary gets in, I don't know if our country can ever recover," said Trump.

But the biggest applause came with talk of the Mexican border wall, and Trump had harsh words for U.S.-based employers moving production out of the country.

"Like Carrier, like Ford, like Nabisco. They think they're gonna fire all of our people, move to Mexico, make their air conditioners and sell right across the boarder, no tax, no nothing," said Trump. "Guess what folks? Not gonna work that way anymore."

Robert Kealy of Morristown tells us he likes what Trump says, and yes, he believes Trump knows how to change things.

"if he's saying these things, he must of researched it, and decided that these things can be done in some fashion," said Kealy.

Across the street, anti-Trump protesters gathered, with signs on the ground and up in the sky.

For them, there is no reservoir of faith for Trump or his promises.

"It gives me nightmares a lot. His policies are scary on Muslim immigration, Mexican immigration and anything that doesn't regard white men," said Michael Angeloni, Trump protester. "I just don't agree with any of his policies on anything like that."

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