Wait for Joe Biden's decision continues

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The wait continues for Vice President Joe Biden to announce his decision on whether he will run for president. (WPVI)

Will he or won't he?

The wait continues for Vice President Joe Biden to announce his decision on whether he will run for president.

Numerous sources are saying Biden has indicated to supporters that he will make his decision by this Wednesday.

Not surprisingly he has a lot of support for whatever he chooses to do in his hometown of Greenville, Delaware.

"He's strong, he's an off-the-cuff speaker, he says what he thinks, so I think people respect him for that," said Colleen Sauder of Hockessin, Delaware.

Biden spent the weekend at his home in Greenville and left Monday morning in a motorcade headed back to Washington.

He has been pondering a run for president for months. Along with the rest of the country, the home state crowd has been waiting anxiously for a decision.

Bob Depollo saw Biden at the market over the weekend.

"I said 'Hi Joe' and I shook his hand," said Bob DePollo of Wilmington. He didn't tell Biden to run, but when asked if Biden should, Bob said "I think so. He's from Delaware, he's a good man."

The latest polls show Biden in third place behind Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders should he decide to run. Even more encouraging, some that show him outpolling any of the potential Republican nominees.

The White House today said President Obama is not pressing Biden one way or the other.

"He has been considering this for some time and I'm confident that once he's made a decision he'll announce it, but he'll do so on his time frame," said White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest.

His neighbors are hoping it's the right decision.

"I think he should not run. I think that he should just take it easy from here on. I'm feeling for Joe," said Denise Chapman.

"I think a prolonged primary with him against Hillary is probably not good for the Democratic candidate in the long run," said Jim Higgins. When asked if he thought Biden had a chance against Clinton, Higgins said "No, that's the other part of it. I don't think he has a chance at all."

A lot of opinions around here for - and against - a Biden run for president. Only one opinion matters and we may know what that decision fairly soon.
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