Thieves return WWE belts stolen from boy with brain tumor

BLADES, Del. -- Two thieves had a change of heart after discovering they stole from a 5-year-old boy from Delaware who was recently diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The porch pirates returned a stolen package full of WWE championship belts that were meant for young Timmy Vick, WBOC-TV reports.

His father had mailed the belts to an artist in Washington state so they could be customized.

But earlier this week two women swiped the box from the artist's porch.

After police released video of the women, the suspects returned the belts and included an apology note.

It said, "We are so sorry for taking your stuff. Never in a million years would I have stolen from a sick five-year-old myself and am ashamed of what I did."

Timmy, who was diagnosed with autism at age 2, was told he had a brain tumor this past October. He is awaiting surgery to remove the tumor.

The 5-year-old WWE fan from Blades should get the package of belts next week.

"I can't wait to get it and to show it to him and to hand it to him," Timmy's mother Danialle Johnson said.
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