Antisemitic material found in Collingswood, New Jersey

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Antisemitic material found in Collingswood, New Jersey
Antisemitic material found in Collingswood, New Jersey

COLLINGSWOOD, New Jersey (WPVI) -- People who live in Collingswood, New Jersey were upset to learn about antisemitic and white supremacist materials distributed over the weekend.

A resident on Woodlawn Terrace told Action News a flyer along with stickers and a lollipop were in a bag on his lawn.

He said when he checked his surveillance cameras, he saw a blue vehicle driving by, tossing the bag onto his property.

"Somebody in the community took the information and actually reported it through the ADL website to us," said Andrew Goretsky, the regional director of the Anti-Defamation League in Philadelphia.

The ADL's Philadelphia office received multiple reports about the incident in Collingswood, saying the antisemitic and white supremacist group mentioned on the flyers is known to distribute things like this.

"The goal is often to get people to look at it, go to the website and recruit more people to that ideology," said Goretsky.

ADL keeps track of reported incidents of antisemitic propaganda.

In New Jersey, last year there were nine reports, six tied to the same group mentioned on this flyer. In 2022. there were seven reports, six were tied to the same group.

"This particular group has been active for a number of years. It's a loose network of individuals across the country with the core individuals down south," said Goretsky.

Collingswood police are investigating, saying they say they do not believe the distribution was widespread.

Anyone who encounters anything like this is encouraged to report it to local authorities.

You can also report it to the ADL.