Family-owned Weinrich's Bakery makes sweet treats to cover any special occasion

Thursday, June 6, 2024
Family-owned Weinrich's Bakery makes sweet treats to cover any special occasion
June is a month of celebrations, from graduations to weddings. And if you're looking for a cake or just have a hankering for a sweet treat, there's a longtime family-owned bakery in Montgomery County that has you covered.

WILLOW GROVE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Weinrich's Bakery in Willow Grove has been family-owned for more than 100 years.

"My grandfather, Herman Weinrich, for whom I'm named, opened the bakery in New York City in 1919," says Herman Weinrich, Co-Owner of Weinrich's Bakery in Willow Grove.

"And he came over from Germany in 1914," says Michael Weinrich, Production Manager for Weinrich's Bakery.

The bakery then moved to Philadelphia in the 1930s, with several locations.

"We came here, in Willow Grove in 1952," says Michael.

"We make it special so that when you come in here, you enjoy the experience and you get the top-notch products with the finest ingredients," says Herman.

Michael Weinrich is the production manager.

"I've been a baker for 45 years now," he says. "We start in the morning at 4:30 and continue throughout the day."

His brother, Herman and wife, Beth, own the business. It's a second act for both. Herman practiced law for 31 years, while Beth was a social worker. They also raised five children.

She says they didn't expect to be taking on a bakery in their retirement years, but it's "wonderful and fulfilling" to keep the family business going.

Items are baked fresh daily.

"We make vanilla cake, chocolate cake, pound cakes, all the different types of Danish and items for the store, cupcakes," says Michael. "Right now, we're baking vanilla cake."

Longtime employees help produce a variety of products, like mini items.

"We make miniature eclairs and cream puffs. We make petit fours," he adds. "And then we also have cannolis and miniature brownies."

"We're known for our butter cake, butter cookies," says Beth.

"And specialty cakes are really our number one item," says Herman.

From birthday to wedding cakes, they're expertly decorated with their signature buttercream. Herman says the secret is there's "no sugar grit." It's a recipe his father invented in the 1960s.

"It's delicious and people love it," he says.

Beth says their bakery is a favorite in the community because "there's something for everyone."

Michael Kirby is the fourth generation working to continue the family tradition. He spends time baking in the kitchen, selling, and is also a supervisory manager in training.

"My grandmother's a Weinrich," says Kirby. "I love baking."

"Michael's grandmother is my father's sister," says Herman. "They both worked in the business."

He says now they're both in their 90s and retired to Florida.

"I'm trying to learn as much as I can," says Kirby. "We got a lot of recipes that are in German."

"We're just thrilled that this has continued, and the legacy moves on into the next generation," says Beth. "We're happy to have him."

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