The Dish: Delicious, nutritious, icy cool gourmet fruit pops from Whimsicle

Friday, June 21, 2024
The Dish: Gourmet fruit pops from Whimsicle
The heat is cranking and we’re helping you cool off with some homemade, ice cold fruit pops.

KENSINGTON (WPVI) -- The summer heat is cranking up and we're helping you cool off with some homemade, ice cold fruit pops.

I went into the kitchen with the pros at Whimsicle Gourmet Fruit Pops in Kensington for the secrets to delicious, nutritious icy summer treats.

"This is all fresh, organic fruit," explains co-owner Salim Weldon.

They are called Whimsicle because they're fun and feature a unique design where the fruit shines through. Weldon and Tonae Simon created the company 12 years ago as a healthy treat for their family.

"We were just making them at home for our kids," Weldon explains.

We made a few simple pops. The first featured a strawberry-mango-blueberry blend. Just wash the fresh produce, trim the strawberry stems, and pop it all in the blender.

But we added just one extra ingredient.

"Agave syrup is all natural," Weldon says.

He uses two and a half tablespoons to a blender full of fruit. You can also use honey, or something creamy like yogurt or a milk-based product.

"We use almond milk for people who are vegan," Weldon explains.

Here's the trick: there's no water, no ice and no juice. It's just the fruit and the agave and then blend.

Pour the mixture into any pop mold and freeze it overnight.

We also went for a second flavor combo, subbing fresh watermelon for the mango. And yes, the seeds go right in!

"We're actually going to keep the seeds inside the watermelon because the seeds have certain antioxidants," Weldon says.

Once they're frozen, run the molds under hot water, but not too long. If they get too warm, the pops will melt.

"That can kill a whole batch," Weldon says. "And this is a lot of good fruit."

When Weldon and Smith created this company, creating a healthy product was the priority.

"We decided that we wanted to create a product that combated the sugary products that are on the market," he says. "We wanted to help fight childhood obesity and diabetes."

Each Whimsicle is made with 100% organic fruits, vegetables and other ingredients, from chocolate to granola to almond milk.

The family-run company has expanded over the past 12 years. They're now based in a professional production kitchen in Kensington. They've also added fashion, art projects and philanthropy to their mission.

"I'm very big in the community, going to the schools, talking to the kids, and just letting them know that if they strive and work hard, they can make it," Weldon says.

Whimsicle has partnered with companies large and small, and they bring their freezer carts to special occasions and lots of festivals. They even make a special mini Whimsicle for that.

"We want you guys to be able to taste the product and eat it really fast," Welon says, "because when it's hot outside, it's an all natural product, so it's going to melt."

Each Whimsicle stick also features a message of affirmation and inspiration.

"So, as you eat it, you can read a positive message like: 'Do your chores without being asked,' and 'Smile at someone.'"