'Will Trent' star Iantha Richardson says you "won't want to miss" emotional season finale

Iantha Richardson talks about Faith going back to her "safe space" in this emotional episode

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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
'Will Trent' star says you "won't want to miss" season finale
"Will Trent" star Iantha Richardson talks about the season finale and what's ahead for season 3.

LOS ANGELES -- The season finale of "Will Trent" sees the team banding together to try and solve a series of cases where similar markers link the murders of several sex offenders.

The fans love it when Will, Faith, Angie and Ormewood all work together. And Faith's portrayer, Iantha Richardson, told On The Red Carpet she loves it too!

"It's like 'ohhhh this is how you guys do it,'" Richardson said. "To bring it all together is so fun because they're just a hoot and it's really fun to work with everyone."

Richardson revealed that Faith's relationship with Luke gets some extra attention in this episode as well.

"You'll see her go through a series of emotions that leads her back to Luke and to her safe space. I will say you won't want to miss it, you won't want to miss the things that lead her to her safe space, Richardson revealed.

"As we know, Faith is not the person who is always vulnerable, open or always needs a safe space, but for this she does."

Sounds intriguing!

"Will Trent" has been renewed for a third season, it'll return in 2025 during midseason. Richardson says she is looking forward to what lies ahead.

"It's a blessing at the end of the day and I'm very excited to come back and do it again and see, like, where these characters can go."

The season finale airs Tuesday at 8pm EST/7PM CST on ABC. And you can watch the entire series on Hulu.

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