Pound Cake Heaven baker works alongside family making 'Heavenly Homemade Goodness'

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Thursday, February 10, 2022
Local baker works alongside family making 'Heavenly Homemade Goodness'
Valentine's Day is right around the corner and if you're looking for a sweet treat for a loved one, a local baker is serving up the sweet stuff that makes hearts 'pound.'

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- If you're in Pound Cake Heaven, then you've most likely tasted one of Pamela Thornton's cakes.

"I'm known also as the cake lady," said Thornton, owner of Pound Cake Heaven.

She opened the original bakery in Yeadon in Delaware County back in 2012.

"We're really good with the pound cakes," said Thornton. "But we offer all kinds of cakes."

She says over the years, they've become known for the wide variety of flavors they offer of their "heavenly homemade goodness."

"I'm decorating cakes every day and icing them," said Thornton. "We're really big on rosettes."

And the shop is a family effort. Thornton works alongside her mother, Virginia Hadley, who now works on one specialty at the bakery.

"I just do the pies. Mostly sweet potato," said Hadley. She also makes items like apple and peach cobblers.

"I'm so blessed to have her still with me in the business," said Thornton. "I learned a lot from her."

And Thornton's youngest daughter, Melonie Thornton, makes other homemade goods like banana pudding.

"I also decorate cake," said Thornton. "All in between having my daughter with me, so it's very busy."

Thornton's husband also helps out, while her brother is the head baker at their Kensington location.

This day, they are mixing up the batter for their signature sour butter cream pound cake, which they make from scratch.

"Because these days, people don't want to be in the kitchen baking. That's the legacy that we're trying to keep alive," said Thornton.

And she's offering come classic cakes, like coconut, and what she calls, "the old-fashioned yellow with chocolate."

Thornton says any cake made with lemon is also popular with her customers, like the lemon pound cake with icing. You can buy a whole cake or just a slice.

"I want people to taste our flavors," she said. "We're known for our big slices too."

Thornton says having her family's support has been a blessing.

"It's nice. We're all together every day," said Melonie. "She loves what she does. She's passionate about it."

"I'm proud of her," said Hadley.

"It's just something that I enjoy," said Thornton. "I love it."

For more information, visit: https://poundcakeheaven.net/