Husband and wife open a tiny brewery with massive flavor

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Friday, November 18, 2022
Project Halo, a tiny brewery that packs massive impact
"Beer is for everyone." This a mantra to live by for a female brewer and her Special Forces veteran husband, who are creating a unique flavor with Project Halo brewing.

FULSHEAR, Texas -- The husband-and-wife team of Steve and Melissa Mendez started Project Halo Brewing in Fulshear, Texas to create a unique brewery that's diverse and inclusive. The couple got into brewing while Steve was stationed with the Army in the Pacific Northwest. Steve was a member of the Special Forces and deployed all over the world. When Steve left the Army, the family decided to move to Texas, where Steve and Melissa grew up, to pursue a brewery dream. As the head brewer, Melissa is the key to Project Halo's success.

"I constantly have to remind people that they're addressing me, but I have no knowledge of how that beer is made; I only know how to drink the beers," said Steve. "So I have to direct them to the head brewer, the brew queen."

Melissa is an active member of the Pink Boots Society, a non-profit that supports women in the craft brewing industry.

You can find Project Halo Brewing on FM359 in Fulshear.