Chicago mom's color-coded guide for kids in quarantine goes viral

This life hack is exactly what working parents may need right now as you balance the fact that your home is your office and your kids are your co-workers.

Kate Danielson, a Chicago mom who is the founder and executive director of a non-profit, created a guide for kids that she posted outside her home office.

The guide makes sure her kids respect that she has another job, besides being a mom.

It says, "Hi there! I'm working!"

It then lists a series of color coded conditions ranging from green meaning, "Come on in, I'd love your company." Light red meaning, "I'm in a meeting and unless you're bleeding or on fire I don't want to see or hear you."

Finally - there's defcon red, meaning, "If you come in this room, or make a noise in this house, you will shortly be bleeding or on fire."

She also includes a list of frequently asked questions that are pre-answered.

"What are we doing today? The same thing we do everyday."

"Can you help me with my homework? Ask Dad."

"What's for dinner? I Don't know yet."

She now has kindly made printable versions of those signs. DOWNLOAD HERE
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