Video shows raccoon discovered in Christmas tree leap onto chandelier

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Wednesday, December 23, 2020
Raccoon discovered in Christmas tree leaps onto chandelier
Chaos unfolded in the middle of the night when a raccoon hiding in a Christmas tree took down the tree before leaping onto a dining room chandelier.

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- Chaos unfolded inside a woman's home when what she thought was a cat in her Christmas tree turned out to be a raccoon.

Aubrey Iacobelli's video shows her trying to coax the creature out of the tree at around 4:30 a.m. Dec. 10, using a pan and then some vinegar, as her dog looks on.

Things got a little bit more hectic when the dog and raccoon eventually got into a tangle, pulling the tree down with them and shattering some ornaments.

After scuffling with the family dog, the raccoon then jumped onto the dining room chandelier and hung out there for half an hour.

"After cleaning up a bit so I wouldn't step on broken glass ... I grabbed the broom and prodded the raccoon off the chandelier," Iacobelli told Storyful.

Eventually, it ran out when the woman opened the door.

She believes the furry intruder entered the house through the doggy door.

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