Explore the intersection of pan-Asian flavors and wine at RD Winery

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Monday, May 2, 2022
RD Winery offers first pan-Asian food and wine pairing in Napa
Sip wine with Thai curry popcorn during RD Winery's pan-Asian food and wine pairing-the first of it's kind in the Napa Valley!

NAPA, Calif. -- This community-driven winery explores the intersection of diverse flavors with the very first pan-Asian food and wine pairing in Napa.

RD Winery's Fifth Moon Food & Wine Pairing experience offers flavorful bites and crisp sips for guests to sample. From green Thai curry popcorn coupled with the winery's Grüner Veltliner to wasabi pulled pork sliders with fresh Zinfandel, RD invites everyone to expand their wine horizons.

"Oftentimes even the way wine is communicated and talked about, it's the food that people choose to pair with it is usually Eurocentric cuisine, but not everyone eats steak and potatoes, right?" said RD Winery CEO Mailynh Phan. "Like my dinner table has more rice and more Vietnamese influenced dishes."

She added, "There are wines that go with that food. It's just not a part of the mainstream conversation about wine. And we're really trying to promote that."

Starting in 2012, RD Winery was mainly producing wine for export to Vietnam. It's the very first Vietnamese-owned winery in Napa Valley with cultural elements incorporated into the label artwork, offering, and tasting room designs.

"We're kind of not necessarily what everyone else expects, and that's kind of our ethos throughout this whole brand," explained Phan. "We're really just trying to welcome people into this wine world and kind of redefine what we think of as who can be a part of wine. And what wine country has to look like."

The winery offers three wine brands: Fifth Moon, Hundred Knot, and Khoai. Fifth Moon is an ode to the Vietnamese summer solstice holiday, which celebrates new beginnings and community.

The refreshing and versatile drinking varieties within this brand pair with a range of cuisines and lifestyles. And at RD you can sample each bottle with a pan-Asian-inspired dish in one of the most affordable tasting experiences in Napa.

"Part of Vietnamese culture is the idea of community," described Phan. "We're hoping that we can create a community. Enjoy wine and spend time and create memories."

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