Couple injured in Boston Marathon Bombing split up after their 'dream wedding'

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Friday, February 27, 2015
Pete Di Martino and Rebekah Gregory, a couple who was injured in the Boston Marathon Bombing, are separating.

A couple who were injured during the Boston Marathon Bombing are now splitting up.

Rebekah Gregory, 27, and Pete DiMartino, 30, were waiting in line for DiMartino's mother to finish the Boston Marathon in 2013. When the bombing occurred, the couple and Gregory's son Noah were injured, with Gregory needing to have her leg amputated. However, The Knot, an online wedding destination, was moved by Gregory and DiMartino's story, and offered to give the couple the wedding of their dreams in April 2014.

But after 10 months of marriage, the couple are ending their relationship, according to PEOPLE.

"While my heart is beyond broken, I have a certain peace knowing from day one, I truly gave it my all, and have been fully invested in keeping this marriage, and my commitment before God," Gregory said in a statement to the magazine. "I still love Pete with all of my heart and ask that everyone respect our privacy as we try to figure out our next steps. As for now, I am focused on doing what I feel is best for my son and I, and will concentrate my time on healing, both physically and emotionally."

Gregory posted a longer statement on her Facebook page on Friday.

Gregory is currently training for 2015 Boston Marathon in April, and the runner regularly posts statuses of her progress leading up to the event.