St. Joe's freshman move in, look forward to pope's stay nearby

WYNNEFIELD (WPVI) -- The Class of 2019 descended on the Saint Joseph's University campus Friday morning. Their first semester is bound to be a memorable one as a special visitor will be staying near campus come the end of September.

Packed cars pulled into Saint Joseph's University today. It's move-in day on campus, and freshmen are getting settled in.

Thomas Lane of Long Island said, "I feel really excited, nervousness. Obviously, if you're not feeling that there's something wrong."

Analucia Parham-Santana from Brooklyn tells us, "I'm excited to visit Philly, explore a new city because I've been in New York my entire life."

1,100 freshmen are arriving on campus and many came with their families.

John Parham has been designated the family lifter by his daughter, but he was more than willing to pass on that title.

He says, "I'm looking to find a sophomore/senior guy that has more muscles than I do."

The rolling carts definitely helped, because there is a lot of stuff.

Some erred on the side of too much, not exactly knowing what they'd need. Maybe they'll fine-tune the process by senior year.

Bill Thorpe of Springfield, Delaware County explained his daughter's packing process, saying, "She was still sorting what she wanted to take with her at 1 o'clock in the morning. So we're all kind of tired. Glad to be here though. She's really excited."

Today brought a lot of excitement from freshmen as they embark on this new adventure, and it comes about a month before the pope arrives to town.

Pope Francis will be staying right up the street from St. Joe's campus at St. Charles Borromeo Seminary in Wynnewood.

Thomas Lane says, "For the school that celebrates Jesuit practices and mentality, for the pope to also relate that and be so close nearby and to be preaching, it's a really important thing to the school."

Ferrying furniture and supplies back and forth isn't exactly glamorous, but it does signify the start of something new and it's a proud moment for many parents.

Bill Thorpe says, "She's starting on a long road, it's going to be a lot of work, but it'll be worth it."
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