2 expensive Cavalier Spaniels puppies stolen from Bucks County kennel: Breeder

QUAKERTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- In Bucks County, police are trying to track down two puppies stolen from a breeding kennel last Friday.

For 16 years, the Smiths of rural Quakertown have bred Cavalier Spaniels, which can sell for up to $3,500 each.

The family said Cavalier Spaniels are some of the most docile, trusting loyal dogs you'll ever meet.
"They were actually originally developed to be companion pets for British royalty, King Charles II," said breeder Jonathan Smith.

But overnight Friday, someone came into the barn where the animals were kept and took two 7-week-old puppies that were still nursing with their mother.

The puppies are very much at risk to survive.

"The biggest risk here is that they will get pneumonia and within a few days they will be gone," said breeder Candy Smith.

Unfortunately, the Smiths did not have any surveillance cameras on the property and, because nothing like this has ever happened, they even left the doors unlocked.

"We got a little bit lax in that department, but whoever did this most likely had to walk through the woods from the back in order not to be seen," said Jonathan Smith.
Of course, the question is who took them?

The Smiths do not believe it was their two current employees.

They did advertise the dogs on their website for the Willow Spring Kennel.

Breeder Terry Smith said one possibility could be it was a former employee.

"It was definitely somebody that has at least some familiarity with the breed, with potentially the market value," said Jonathan.

Richland Township police have no suspects.

The Smiths fear the puppies will not survive without the critical care they need. They are offering a reward in an undisclosed amount.

"No questions asked, just want the puppies back. If they're sick, they're sick, but bring them back," said Candy Smith.
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