Shelter Me: Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society

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Saturday, April 2, 2016
VIDEO: Shelter Me: Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society
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This week's Shelter Me winner is the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. "PAWS" has been serving in the area for more than eight years.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Kathy Plover adopted her three cats from PAWS. She said, "I thought two was enough."

But, Kathy couldn't resist adopting a third cat, and creating a family that includes Jingles, Gunner, and Elvis.

Kathy says, "Jingles is a mommy's girl. Gunner is very mischievous, and Elvis is just a love bug. All three are very affectionate."

Ball three of the are very affectionate 15:36:54

The trio has brought a sense of comfort during Kathy's retirement.

"Just when you think you've seen it all, one of them will do something, and you'll just have to laugh," said Kathy.

Retirement has also given her more time to volunteer at PAWS.

"PAWS is the largest no kill shelter in Philadelphia. It brings great joy to my life it really does," said Kathy.

PAWS credits a volunteer force in the thousands for helping serve Philadelphia.

Allison Lamond is a volunteer and Community Outreach Coordinator at PAWS.

She said, "It's pretty amazing to work with so many people who really care about what they're doing. We're all aiming toward he same goal which is get as many animals into homes as possible."

With three locations, including their newest in the Northeast, PAWS is bringing essential clinical care to pets in Philadelphia.

Allison said, "We are able to provide low cost care to people who aren't able to get it normally."

Adoptions are also a big part of their story as they try to find homes for cats like Cherry.

"We think that maybe it's her age that's keeping her here. She's between 6 and 10 years," said Allison.

She might be older, but she is still sweet.

And, there is Ninja. Allison says, "You'll notice he has a little bit of dandruff, and hair loss, and that is actually from stress."

The PAWS team is hoping to relieve some of that stress by finding Ninja a home.

And, Sandwich will fill you up with love.

"She purrs the second that you start touching her, and she's very, very, very affectionate," added Allison.

Foxy is an older dog who needs a little extra attention to get her fully housebroken.

"She is extremely sweet. She is so good with other animals," said Allison.

Sweetie is a 6-year-old Terrier mix. She is playful and loving, and makes instant friends with every person she meets. Just look at her smile.

If you're interested in Sweetie or any of the dogs you've met today you can visit the PAWS website.

And, if you'd like us to share your shelter success stories, post a picture to the FYI Philly Facebook page using #6abc Shelter Me and tell us where you adopted your pet and how much they mean to you.

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