Man punches 72-year-old Walmart greeter in the face: constable

CYPRESS, Texas -- The Walmart greeter said he never saw it coming. He was punched so hard that he blacked out.

"He punched on my face with a closed right hand," Mohinder Randhawa told our sister station KTRK. "I fell down on the ground."

The video of the incident from the Walmart in Cypress, Texas is still too tough to watch for Randhawa and he refuses to see it.

"My left upper lip was broken...blood started out, and inside also there was a cut about half an inch," Randhawa explained.

Investigators said 42-year-old Craig Valentine is the person seen in the video assaulting Randhawa the night of June 14.

The Walmart greeter said that when he checked Valentine's receipt he noticed that a case of Gatorade had not been paid for.

"I told him if you want, you can scan and take it," Randhawa said.

However, Randhawa said Valentine got angry, yelling out that he had paid for everything.

The video shows Valentine push Randhawa and then punch him.

"I never told him he was stealing," Randhawa said.

Randhawa said he was simply doing his job, making sure all items on his receipt had been paid for.

Sometimes, he said, cashiers may forget to scan an item, but in his 15 years at Walmart, he never encountered anything as horrible as this.

Randhawa said he is traumatized.

"I'm scared to work that position because it never happened to me," Randhawa said.

Randhawa is still in a lot of pain. He continues to put ice packs on his face and shoulder, but said he will never be the same physically.

"I was doing my duty," Randhawa said. "I was doing what I was supposed to do."

As for Valentine, he was given a $1,000 bond Tuesday night for his injury to an elderly charge.