Strange phone cases catching the attention of online shoppers

From anti-scratch to battery-charging to waterproof, there are a lot of ways to protect your phone.

But, we can almost guarantee, those cases aren't as memorable as these.

For example, a creepy hand case. The Japanese design is essentially a normal cover, with a giant, realistic mitt attached to the back of it.

It's obviously great for holding hands with your gadget while you chat or scroll through texts.

And looks totally normal sticking out of a back pocket.

Also hailing from Japan is the silicone nose case.

It provides the user a novel, or shall we say a nostril way to securely hold their phone.

The company brands it as art and amusement.

Unfortunately, both the nose and hand cases are currently sold out.

But don't lose hope, you can still get your hands on a strange phone case.

Enter the Fried Chicken skin.

Instead of using a basic pop-up circle to grip your phone, you can now grasp a very real looking wing or drumstick.

The actual case is clear, offering obscured views of the cell chicken.

It sells for $16 on Amazon, but if the nose holder and hand case taught us anything -- you better act fast.
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