Troubleshooters: Dryer Repair & Slippery Driveway

BRYN MAWR, Pa. (WPVI) -- The Action News Troubleshooters have been hard at work as usual and Friday night they're helping one consumer who really felt hung out to dry and another who was too afraid to park in her own driveway.

Not only did we get both viewers a full refund, but we also got one something else, something she considered truly priceless.

When Audrey Long's dryer stopped working just months after she bought it, she was not happy.

"None of the lights were lighting up, cold air was coming in and clothes weren't drying," she said. "A technician came out. They replaced a heating element and several other parts and left. About a month later, the same problem occurred. This went on probably about another four or five times. The last technician who came out took the entire dryer apart."

That's when Long said she's had enough and contacted the Action News Troubleshooters. One week later Long got a full refund in the mail, a check for $532.06. But she also got an apology which she said felt better than the check.

"Someone from your station was able to make someone understand not only what we had been through but how it made us feel and I really appreciate that," she said.

"It was pretty scary for me," said Charlotte Pizio.

The 83-year-old Bryn Mawr resident paid $200 to have her driveway sealed in October. She said a couple of days later, after a hard rainfall, she had a frightening incident on the newly sealed pavement.

"I got probably about here and the car just all of a sudden just skidding backward no brakes would hold nothing, it was like a skating rink," she explained.

Pizio's driveway is pretty steep and her vehicle crashed into her garden wall and stone fountain. She was not hurt, but her car's bumper tore on the driver's side and on the passenger side there were two scratches.

Pizio called the company that sealed her driveway to complain.

"They just said oh we'll put some sand on it," she said.

She wasn't happy with that answer so she called the Troubleshooters and now she's getting a full refund. Pizio plans to use that money to have her driveway sealed all over again.

"That will be good because I don't like schlepping everything up and down the hill so yes it's very good. I'm glad for Troubleshooters that they are helping people like me," she said.
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