Debate arises over whether term 'plus-sized' should still be used

There is a debate over whether the term plus-sized should still be part of our everyday lingo.

From models to clothing, anyone or anything larger than a size 12 easily gets labeled plus.

Supermodel Emme told Good Morning America, "We wouldn't introduce a beautiful runway model or size 0-2 fashion model found in a magazine as the 'ultra thin model' so why brand models who are full-figured?"

A new study by the International Journal of Fashion Design found that the average American woman wears between a size 16 and 18.

Yet, only a handful of stores cater to women who wear anything larger than a size 12.

Some women surveyed say they find convenience in having items labeled "plus-size".

But is there a better way of saying it?

Some suggestions included "sizes 14+", "inclusive" and "body positive".
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