Mediterranean restaurant adds 'no screaming children' rule to menu

A controversial item on a menu at a popular Mediterranean spot is getting a lot of attention.

The bottom of the menu reads, "if your children are crying or screaming, please take them out of the restaurant until they've calmed down."

It goes on to say, "if a child can't be stopped, we must ask you to leave the restaurant."

The establishment says it doesn't want to upset its other customers.

One woman, who snapped a photo of the menu while on vacation, is calling the rules "outlandish" and it's sparking a candid conversation on social media about the less than kid friendly decrees.

One person posted, "well done, should be law."

Another wrote, "Yet dogs and cats are allowed?"

And lastly, "Their restaurant, their rules... if you don't like the rules, eat somewhere else."
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