Should couples split the cost of an engagement ring?

A woman is getting a lot of attention for what she wants when it comes to an engagement ring.

And we're not talking about the size of the diamond.

PopSugar blogger, Samantha Sutton, wants to pay for half of her ring.

In a viral post titled, "I Want To Pay For Half Of My Engagement Ring - Why Is That A Big Deal?" Sutton explains that she and her boyfriend recently stopped by a jewelry store to look at diamonds.

She writes they both wound up falling in love with an eye-catching emerald cut stone that cost a whopping $17,000.

Sutton says as she contemplated the price, and why she wouldn't let her partner foot the bill, and then had a revelation.

Why was he the only one spending money?

Sutton writes that they've been splitting everything 50-50 for their entire relationship and wasn't sure why a ring would be any different, especially since she's the one who will be wearing it every day.

The blogger says though her boyfriend isn't on board with the idea right now, she hopes he'll come around so they can start their lives as equals.

At the very least, Sutton hopes he'll let her contribute a small portion to the ring fund.
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