What the solar eclipse means depending on your astrological sign, expert weighs in

ByJoelle Garguilo WABC logo
Tuesday, April 9, 2024
Solar eclipse: Astrologer to the stars explains what the stars are telling us
Joelle Garguilo has more on the rare cosmic event.

NEW YORK -- While we know the total solar eclipse is a major deal astronomically, many have been taking to social media wondering what it means astrologically.

It's a rare occurrence, a cosmic coincidence, the moon's shadow masking the sun, it's a total solar eclipse.

While millions will be looking to the sky to witness the eclipse, lots are looking to the stars to see what it means for them.

Professional astrologer and one-half of the Astrotwins, Ophira Edut, has answers.

In terms of astrology, what does a solar eclipse mean? Does it affect us?

"Very much so. It's a profound moment of change and a window of opportunity for big transformation," Edut said. "A lot of things that have been hidden from us, come into our view. It's like a giant cosmic spotlight."

If you've been feeling a little different around this eclipse, Edut says there's a reason.

"You know the saying, as above so below, that's how astrology works. It's not just happening up in space. Humanity has survived and built civilizations by following the stars. The stars guide us. They are like a cosmic GPS," she said.

"So this eclipse is an Aries?" Garguilo asked.

"Yup! And that's why people are acting so intense. Aries is the individual, the warrior, this fierce," Edut said. "It's the first zodiac sign. So if you think about a newborn enters the world with a big scream and cry, and we're entering this new era, like ah, you know."

It might account for some unusual behavior.

"That and mercury is retrograde also in Aries at the same time, so mercury retrograde causes communication breakdowns at the same time," Edut said. "In the middle of this intense eclipse season, it's like the eclipses thrusting us forward and mercury retrograde is pulling us back. So, it's almost like we're like the slingshot energy, like slam on the brakes slam on the gas at the same time. So, if you're feeling like cosmic whiplash, that's why."

So how will this major deal astronomically affect us astrologically? We'll break it down by the signs.

"Okay, so if you're one of the fire signs, Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, this eclipse is asking you to rethink all your daily routines, the structures of how you work, live, and integrate those things. What do you need? Need to be your fiercest self," Edut said. "If you are an earth sign that's Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. This eclipse is stirring up emotions, actually feelings. You are experiencing an earthquake inside of yourself in a way. You are being asked to look beyond the surface of things and really get in touch with your feelings and use those as a guide instead of an annoying inconvenient distraction."

Edut continued on with the other signs.

"If you are an air sign, Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, this eclipse is about your relationships. What role are you playing in your relationships? Do they feel balanced? Do they feel equal and harmonious? And if not, what do you need to say?"

"And if your water sign, Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, this eclipse is about your what makes you feel secure, what makes you feel grounded, and what you need on on a material level to feel safe and secure," Edut said.

There's an overall message for everyone.

"Eclipses by nature and astrology are times of the unexpected times of change. They'll show you where in your life you've been holding on to something that is past its prime, trying to force something to go in a direction it's not supposed to," Edut said. "think the lesson of the eclipse is you're like that wing of the butterfly, everything you do matters. And it really matters at an eclipse."

This whole phenomenon is exciting for astrologers.

"I think the world is ready for a reset. We need a new model. This one has to break down a little bit for something new to arise. And I'm excited about an eclipse. Birthing that," Edut said. "Things are supposed to be upside down before they can be right side up a little bit."

Joelle Garguilo has the story on how astrology will be impacted by the solar eclipse.