Cloud Cups and Gelat OH are serving up amazing gelato in Fishtown

ByTimothy Walton WPVI logo
Monday, July 13, 2020
Get great gelato at Cloud Cups and Gelat OH
The two businesses are serving gelato out of the same spot, one making it traditional Italian style while the other adding a special CBD infusion.

Pizza Brain has always been known for its creative pizza creations and a Guinness Book of World Record pizza museum. They also have an ice cream partner next door throughout their time in Fishtown.

Little Baby's Ice Cream left last year and two Gelato makers have filled the void. Gelat 'OH Brick & Motor has taken their artisan frozen treats from their catering truck to a new home next to Pizza Brain.

Owner Sierra Georgia was schooled in the craft of gelato in Italy and has brought her award-winning recipes to Philadelphia.

Cloud Cups is also selling their gelato treats at Pizza Brain and seven other locations, including one spot in Atlanta. Owner Galen Thomas infuses each of his treats with CBD, the non-psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. He's created a wide range of flavors including a brand new line of popsicles.

Gelat 'OH Brick & Motor | Facebook | Instagram

Available at Pizza Brain or Georgie's Gelato Truck

Cloud Cups, LLC | Facebook | Instagram

Available at Pizza Brain and other locations

Pizza Brain | Facebook | Instagram

2313 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125