Beau Allen, Jason Kelce interview each other

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Beau Allen interviews Jason Kelce and vice versa during Super Bowl Opening Night on January 29, 2018. (WPVI)

When 6abc Action News attended Super Bowl Opening Night, it was anyone's guess what was going to happen.

But we were not expecting defensive tackle, and Minnesota's own, Beau Allen and center Jason Kelce to take over the 6abc microphones and conduct their own interviews.

The two covered a wide range of topics from the 10,000 lakes, the Loch Ness Monster, restroom cleanliness, and Allen's high school jobs.

You can be the judge on who has the better chance of becoming a future Action News sports reporter.

Here's the transcript:

Allen: Hey Jason Kelce, what do you think of the great state of Minnesota so far?

Kelce: I feel like there's a lot of...

Allen: You look like you really fit in. Look at this hat, the beard.

Kelce: The biggest thing I've learned about Minnesota is that it's a land full of salt. In particularly, from that victory we put on them last week, and why they are booing us this week.

Allen: We did hear that 'Skol' chant coming from the crowd. That was a lot of fun. What else do you think of Minnesota?

Kelce: It's great weather, especially for guys who have beards and are large. You don't have to deal with the constant sweating that you normally have to deal with. They're good, wholesome people.

Allen (holding his finger to his pretend ear-pierce): I'm getting an update from the studio. Kelce, they want you to look more into the camera.

Kelce: They are good, wholesome people. They mean no harm. And that's about all I have so far. They really like Caribou Coffee.

Allen: Shout-out to Caribou Coffee. Good stuff.

Kelce: I don't like it, but yeah.

Allen: If you don't know, you don't know. It's good stuff. I have no other questions for you.

Kelce (takes the microphone): I'll give questions to you now.

Allen: Oh, you've got questions for me?

Kelce: Alright, Mr. Allen, how does it feel to be home in the Land of the Lakes?

Allen: Land of 10,000 Lakes? There's no place like home, Kelce.

Kelce: Which lake do you frequent the most out of the 10,000?

Allen: The waters of Lake Minnetonka.

Kelce: Is there a Loch Ness Monster?

Allen: I haven't explored it thoroughly enough to answer you. Maybe next summer, we can get some scuba masks and go find out.

Kelce: What did you eat when you were younger to obtain this weight or was it pure Susie Allen cooking?

Allen: Well, it was a lot of that. Shout-out to Detello's Pizza in Eden Prarie, Minnesota. I worked there my sophomore year of high school. I went from 285 pounds to 305 pounds when I was working there.

Kelce: Beau's got a much better working story. He worked at an ice rink. We've had this wonder as men, you never go into the women's bathroom, so you always wonder the difference, is it cleaner? I always imagined its cleaner. Beau can you let us know? He was a janitor.

Allen: Kelce kind of alluded to this. I worked at the local rink when I was I high school because I wanted to drive the Zamboni.

Kelce: He got denied. He was not approved.

Allen: Instead I was a custodian and I was cleaning bathrooms. And the women's bathrooms were by far more disgusting than the men's.

Kelce: That solves the age old debate that I've had. I don't know about you. Beau, these are the only questions I have for you. Enjoy the rest of your media night.

Allen: I'm running out of things to talk about, Kelce.

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