Help us rank the best NFL celebrations of 2017

BySN Staff via ESPN logo
Monday, October 23, 2017

We knew we were in for a treat when celebration restrictions that once contributed to the NFL's "No Fun League" moniker were softened this offseason.

Through six weeks, players haven't disappointed, showing their creativity and embracing group celebrations, which haven't been allowed for the better part of this millennium.

We've seen teammates pantomiming various games and sports, from "Duck, Duck, Goose" and jumping rope to basketball, baseball and even bobsledding. Group performances haven't been limited to touchdowns either, with the Titans bowing down toWesley Woodyardafter a fourth-down stop on Monday night.

Of course, there's been plenty of dancing, with Deshaun Watson (the "Milly Rock"), Travis Kelce (group dance party)and Mark Ingram ("Flossin'")-- among many others -- getting in on the fun.JuJu Smith-Schusterthrew in a fireball for good measure, even if Dragon Ball Z's "kamehameha" isn't exactly a dance.

The league's megastars have contributed as well, withEzekiel Elliottusing a prop tobuild on his "feed me" moveandOdell Beckham a football CPR.

So, which has been the best of the best so far? Up-vote your favorites to help us rank the top celebrations of the season thus far. (Note: Current ranking reflects overall vote totals.)

At least eight of these celebrations would have been subject to penalty prior to this season's rule changes, with a ninth open to interpretation (depending on whether Kelce's dancing was considered part of a group celebration).

With six of the 12 coming within the last two weeks alone, perhaps performances will be even better as the season progresses.