Talkin' baseball with Phillies Manager Joe Girardi

Monday, May 25, 2020

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and yet, it really doesn't feel that way without the "boys of summer" on the field.

"I miss it. You know, I know how important our game is to the fans and how important it is to people..they plan their days around, 'Ok, I gotta have this done because the Phillies are coming on at 7 p.m.', or they're in the central time zone and they're on at 8, I understand all that," Phillies Manager Joe Girardi said.

It may be the end of May, but Girardi has been pitching to his son in the backyard, and rebounding for his daughter in the driveway instead of setting lineups and manning the dugout.

"I miss being around the guys. We have a ton of zoom calls because I tell them, 'I just want to see your face, we miss you guys!'" he says. "Hopefully were gonna get something resolved and get back to work."

The league and the players union continue to talk about revenue sharing, salaries and safety, with hopes that they can come to an agreement that will forge the path for a return to play.

But does Girardi think they're going to play this year?

"I do and I'm an optimistic person. I believe we are. I believe that as hard as our government and states are working, I think we're gonna get a chance to play," he said.

As it is, it feels like the longest anticipation of a managerial debut, in history.

"Yeah, the one way you can look at it is, 'I'm still undefeated, I still have't lost yet, right?' I got that going for me," he said.