Young Senators fan shown Brotherly Love at Wells Fargo Center

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Despite the Philadelphia sports scene sometimes getting a bad rap for our attitude, there are many moments that come along that display the softer side of the city.

The staff at the Wells Fargo Center during a recent Flyers game showed some brotherly love to a young fan - of the opposing team.

Mary-Beth Atzema and her family traveled from Canada to watch the Ottawa Senators face the Flyers on Monday night.

She told her family has traveled to many arenas in both countries and "Wells Fargo is awesome."

Atzema is a goalie in her neighborhood hockey league. She said she grew up admiring Flyers legendary netminder Ron Hextall, and visiting Philly has been a goal of hers for years.

Atzema and her 5-year-old daughter Briton even showed up to the game in Hextall gear.

"She was wearing my jersey from 1987," Atzema said.

Though, they live just outside Toronto, Atzema's 8-year-old son Keiran is a Senators fan and was cheering them on as they prepared for the game.

While the family was down near the boards, the Wells Fargo Center employee noticed the boy and grabbed a flying puck for him.

Atzema tweeted video of the interaction showing the employee handing the puck over to Keiran.

She tweeted, "Wells Fargo Centre staff are class acts. This awesome gentlemen grabbed a puck for my Senators fan kid."

The Wells Fargo Center responded saying, "This is awesome - thank you so much for sharing! We will make sure to recognize our staff member for this kind gesture."

Keiran then posed holding his new prized possession with his father Stefan.

Atzema said her family loved Philly and it was worth making the trek from Toronto.

As for what the Canadian family thinks of Gritty?

"Gritty is awesome. Best mascot in the NHL. Carlton the bear in Toronto is so lame," Atzema said.

Great answer! The Atzema family is welcome in Philadelphia anytime.
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