Stephanie McMahon reacts to NJ couple's WWE-style gender reveal party

ByBrock Koller WPVI logo
Thursday, July 1, 2021
NJ couple holds WWE-style gender reveal party
Ronald Cameron and his partner Kayla Peterson of New Jersey held a WWE-style gender reveal party.

CINNAMINSON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Stephanie McMahon, WWE's Chief Brand Officer, has taken notice of a New Jersey couple's smackdown of a gender reveal party!

"Now THIS is a gender reveal I'd love to attend!" McMahon posted to Twitter.

Ronald Cameron and Kayla Peterson, who are expecting their first child in December, threw a WWE-style gender reveal party in Cinnaminson last month.

Speaking with Action News earlier this week, Ronald said it was actually Kayla's father who thought of the idea.

Kayla's father, Gervase, wanted the couple's gender reveal to be "suspenseful," Ronald said.

Gervase, who rose to fame during season one of the reality series "Survivor," decided the two should have a wrestling match gender reveal party.

His thinking was that Kayla is a huge WWE fan and Ronald is a middle school wrestling coach who is also training for MMA.

Gervase was playing the role of WWE owner Vince McMahon, the father of Stephanie, by promoting and producing the event.

Ronald built a makeshift ring at Kayla's house.

Kayla's brother, Gunner Peterson, and Ronald's brothers, Shawn Ruffin and Anthony Cameron, were the superstars involved in the match. Gervase was the referee to keep order.

Shawn, wearing a blue tutu wrestling attire, was dubbed Team Boy and Anthony, in pink, was Team Girl.

After a series of athletic moves and false finishes, Gunner interfered in the match by using a chair which led to Anthony pinning Shawn.

Team Girl won!

"Congratulations Ronald & Kayla! #TeamGirl" Stephanie McMahon tweeted.

Kayla responded to McMahon, first by saying, "Speechless."

The mom-to-be followed up with a second tweet, "I don't even know what to say! @StephMcMahon is someone I've idolized for years! Thank you for showing love to our WWE gender reveal! I can't stop smiling."