Famous Hollywood stuntman documents final feat in new Disney+ documentary

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Stuntman Eddie Braun has the most dangerous job in Hollywood, but now he is attempting the most dangerous stunt of all.

His feat is featured in a brand new documentary that just debuted today on Disney+ called Stuntman.

You know his work, but you never see his face.

Now, we learn Eddie Braun's story, revisit his fear-defying feats as a premiere Hollywood stuntman, and we get a front-row seat as he attempts the most dangerous stunt of his career.

It was inspired, yet never completed, by his personal hero.

"Growing up, the guy that inspired me to be a stuntman was Evel Knievel," Braun said. "In 1974, Evel Knievel attempted to cross the Snake River Canyon in Idaho, and he didn't cross it successfully. That was just left there. No one had dared touch that. As I am coming to a different phase in my stunt career, I figured what better way to cap off than with a mic drop. I figured that I could probably do it."

No matter what you want to achieve, whatever fears you have, many will be inspired by Braun's journey.

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Alicia Vitarelli talks to 'Stuntman' star Eddie Braun about having the most dangerous job in Hollywood.

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