Families finding ways to cool off during heat wave; Maintaining social distance

ARDMORE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Heat advisories and warnings are now in effect across the Delaware Valley.

One group of teens from Lower Merion High was sweating up a storm during their friendly basketball exhibition at the Ardmore Avenue Community Center.

"It's nothing new, it is what it is. It's a little hot, but the thing is it's a good workout, cause you sweat a lot," said Sophomore Ira Dixon.

However, they were never too far from a bottle of water.

"A lot of water, a lot of water, yeah," said one young athlete, taking added precaution by masking up. "Yeah, I'm a germ-a-phobe."

The group knows one another well, but better safe than sorry they said when it comes to inviting others to play.

"I try and stay as safe as possible and still have fun."

Of course, if things got too heated be it the game or weather, the pool was right over yonder and it was packed.
Eric Askew and his 7-year-old daughter Mackenzie.

"Make sure your child has plenty of fluids and parents as well and then just hats if appropriate, I have to wear one," said Askew.

Reservations are required, and some parents made sure Saturday their bookings were solid.

"Drinking some cold drinks, right wearing some cool clothes," said parent Kate Moran.

Aware, this summer scorcher allows for little error, especially during a pandemic.

"With COVID we have to plan it out. We have to register so we registered we had this reservation and now we're heading in," said Moran.

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Heat advisories and warnings are now in effect across the Delaware Valley.

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