Sunday Scaries are at an all-time high, report says

Many Americans may be living for the weekend but a new report says the fun ends Sunday when lots of us start worrying about the work week ahead.

That Sunday anxiety is known as the Sunday Scaries and a report from LinkedIn reveals the scaries are at an all-time high.

The report found that 66 percent of professionals say they experience Sunday Scaries and 41 percent say the pandemic has caused them or made them worse.

"Now more than ever it's difficult for Americans to determine what their Mondays are going to be like," said therapist Dr. Courtney Tracy. "We have no idea when regulations are going to change, when our responsibilities are going to change."

"Sunday nights in my house tend to look like everyone is in mourning or dreading what's coming the next day," said Maryland mom of two Sara Farrell Baker.

Baker says the last year and a half has made Sundays more stressful for her family.

"There's a lot more things on my to-do list every week as far as making sure that when my kids are in school they have the PPE that they need, or that my husband has it when he's going into work, keeping an eye on COVID numbers in our area. It's a lot!" she said.

Show how can we enter the week calmly?

"Things like meditation, slow journaling, and even perhaps a soothing Sunday playlist can help," Tracy said. "Sunday Scaries usually feels like anxiety, restlessness and irritation, so outdoor activities, intentional movement and hanging out with friends can help that as well."

The report also says the youngest professionals reported the highest levels of anxiety and stress -- 78 percent of millennials and Gen Zs said they experience the Sunday Scaries.
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