Passersby lift SUV off woman struck in New York City

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020
Extended Video: Passersby lift SUV off woman struck in Manhattan
A woman, 25, trapped under an SUV in NYC gives her personal account of the incident

NEW YORK (WPVI) -- A video shows bystanders in New York City rocking and tipping an SUV up onto two wheels to free a woman trapped underneath after she was run over.

The accident occurred Sunday evening at the intersection of Delancey and Norfolk streets in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The victim named Veronika was struck by a Mercedes SUV driven by a 65-year-old woman, police said.

Veronika, 25, fell face down with her ankle trapped underneath the rear tire of the SUV.

"I think the car pulled me a couple of meters, and my legs were under the wheels as well, which was the problematic part," Veronika told WABC-TV.

Colby Droscher captured video of the scene. She said it was chaotic at the intersection as people tried to figure out what was happening.

A Video shows bystanders rocking and tipping an SUV up onto two wheels to free a woman trapped underneath

"All of a sudden, everyone started running to lift the car," Droscher said, "And that's when a lot of us across the street realized that there was something under the SUV."

Veronika thinks she was trapped under the car for about five seconds when she heard people talking to her and trying to lift the vehicle.

Good Samaritans quickly ran to Veronika's aid and together lifted the car.

"I was conscious the entire time, so I was able to react in the situation and crawled out as quickly as I could," Veronika said.

Veronika said she is grateful for all the people that came to her rescue.

She was able to crawl out without any broken bones. She was taken to the hospital with pain and bruising.

Veronika said, "I know I have nothing apart from broken glasses and torn clothes; everything is fine."

Police gave the driver of the SUV a summons; and despite what happened, Veronika hopes she's OK.

Veronika just started a new job and only two weeks ago moved to New York from Germany.

"It's not the best start into my life in New York, but, you know, it can only go up from here," Veronika joked.

The 25-year-old didn't want to show her face on camera, but wanted to talk about what happened. Here is an extended video of the interview with Veronika