South Philadelphia baker lighting up social media with Kelce 'burning cakes'

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Friday, February 2, 2024
South Philly baker lighting up social media with Kelce 'burning cakes'
South Philadelphia baker lighting up social media with Kelce 'burning cakes'

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- We've been talking about those burning cakes that are going wildly viral thanks to Taylor Swift.

Those are the cakes where you light a match to the top layer and it burns off to reveal an image underneath.

One that showed Taylor Swift went wildly viral.

And now a local bakery and breakfast spot once known as "South Philly's best kept secret" set the internet ablaze with Philly's answer to the burning cake.

South Philly baker Kaylyn Kahana, who owns Kay Kay's at 19th and Ritner streets, made a cake that reads: "There's only one Kelce I'm watching the Super Bowl for."

"When you light it, we watch Jason Kelce emerge from underneath the fire, shirtless in Buffalo," Kahana says. "It's iconic."

The internet agrees.

"I woke up overnight and it was just a hit, blowing up all over TikTok and Instagram," Kahan says. "I can't believe this is happening to me."

Philly went crazy and orders are pouring in.

"The phones rang off the hook," Kahana says. "We have people from out of state, people in Kansas City wanted to order it. They asked if they could ship it."

They might want to add her latest cake to their order.

During our interview, Kahana debuted a brand new burning cake of Kylie Kelce.

"This one reads: 'The Queen of the North. Duchess of Delco. Philly's Princess. Ladies and gentlemen....'"

And when that layer burns off, it reveals Kylie Kelce in the iconic Princess Diana Eagles jacket.

If you're dying to know how it works, Kahana gave us these cliff notes.

There are two different kinds of edible paper.

There's a dense sugar paper for the image underneath.

Then, there's a lighter wafer paper on top, that burns easily and quickly.

She says it actually smells good, like burnt sugar.