What to do and see at the 2020 Philadelphia Auto Show

ByTimothy Walton WPVI logo
Tuesday, February 11, 2020
The best things to see and do at the Philly Auto Show
Exotic vehicles, cars from your favorite movies and tricked-out rides. It's all at the 2020 Philadelphia Auto Show.Make sure to check out these 10 exhibits at the 2020 Philadelphia Auto Show, complete with a tribute car to Kobe Bryant.

10 Things to See at the Pennsylvania Convention Center

From the high end cars to the movie cars and a few muscle cars with horsepower for under $100K ... the Philadelphia Auto Show is packed with every kind of vehicle including the tricked out Dub Showroom.

You can also test drive new vehicles at the outdoor ride and drives or enjoy Camp Jeep's indoor adventures.

From cars that can punch it up to nearly 300 mph to others valued at $3 million, we check out exclusive cars from CF Charities.

CF Charities Super Car Exhibit

Check out the fastest production models in the world all under one roof for the first time!. Plus, the world debut of the SSC Tuatara - the first production car expected to reach 300 mph.

A local teen designed the image on display all over the Phialdelphia Convention Center for the Auto Show.

Philadelphia Auto Show Poster Contest

Meet the local high school student who designed the official Philadelphia Auto Show poster.

Anaije Williams is a senior at Franklin Learning Center in Philadelphia. Her design was picked from entries ranging across the Philadelphia region.

It will be on display during the Auto Show at the Pennsylvania Convention Center and as part of the promotional campaign around Philadelphia.

We meet the brains behind the show's amazing layout and three others that make the Auto Show unlike any other show.

An in-depth look at the show through the eyes of four people who make it special.

The Chairperson - Maria Pacifico is the first female chairperson and she's also the first second generation chairperson.

Her father was the chair before she was born and now this lifelong car enthusiast is in charge of Philadelphia's most prestigious automotive event.

The Mastermind - Michael Gempp has spent a quarter century planning the Philadelphia Auto Show. He develops the floor plan, schedules the manufacturers and then makes it all come together at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.

The Classic - Mike Jones' antique exhibit has been a show staple for years. The Antique Automobile Club is the largest club of its kind in the world and their home is right here in Hershey, Pa.

Every year they provide one of the show's standout exhibits featuring cars more than 100 years old and all the classics since.

The Visitor - Terry Maenza and his son have been coming to the show since the '90's. It's a family tradition that included Tony's father.

That's three generations of Maenza men strolling the floor and checking out the latest and greatest models.

Trucks are still kings of the road. But these other emerging trends are thrilling consumers.

Automotive Industry Trends

Find out the latest trends in the automotive industry, from hot models to new vehicles and the styles that are leading manufacturers design concepts.

The industry's biggest trend is electric vehicles. Manufacturers are making a big push but challenges still remain.

It's Electric

The industry's biggest trend is electric vehicles. Manufacturers are making a big push but challenges still remain.

Is there enough infrastructure in place? What about range anxiety? Where will the batteries go? Some big questions remain before electric vehicles take hold.

If you ever wondered what the perfect car is for 6abc on-air personalities, you can find out here.

6abc talent meet their vehicle match

Our matchmaker pairs personalities with vehicles. His marks this year are Matt O'Donnell, Jeannette Reyes, Sharrie Williams and Jamie Apody.

Guests are dressed to the nines and the food is exquisite for a party with a purpose.

Black Tie Tailgate Gala - Party with a Purpose

The Black Tie Tailgate Gala has raised more than $9 million for the Children's' Hospital of Philadelphia since the relationship started more than 30 years ago.

Cadillac, Land Rover and Chevrolet are rolling out some new models with pumped up features.

Automotive Design

A look inside three brand new vehicles hitting the road in 2020 and what makes their look, feel and technology so unique.