Suspects drive vehicles into Colorado restaurant in attempt to steal money

LITTLETON, Colorado -- Police in Colorado are searching for the suspects who drove a vehicle into a restaurant to steal money.

The suspects were caught on video as they drove a minivan into The Boardroom restaurant on Monday.

"A sad day for us. And I have no idea how long we'll be out," says Alex Woods, owner of The Boardroom.

After crashing through the front door, the two suspects, donning hoodies, made their way straight for the ATM and cash register.

"It appears that they do know that there may have been some money in that register. I have four registers and that register was the only one that had money," Woods says.

Apparently not satisfied with their initial effort, the suspects then back a pickup truck into the ATM.

Video shows the two thieves going for the cash while a third person may have served as a getaway driver of the pickup truck.

Those who came by the restaurant were stunned to see the scene.

"I don't think you can do this by accident. It would be hard to drive into this building on accident," says Cathy Maccarato.

It is not certain how much money, if any, was stolen from the ATM in the carefully planned smash and grab.

The cash register had only enough money for the employees to make change.

The minivan used in the incident will be investigated to see if the thieves left any kind of evidence behind.