South Street's The Chandlery offers great-smelling candles, candle-making classes

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Friday, January 27, 2023
The Chandlery offers great candles, candle-making classes
The Chandlery candle shop is a scent studio filled with non-traditional fragrances like campfire, peach, lilac and yuzu.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Standford Ponson calls his candle shop a scent studio, and it's filled with often non-traditional fragrances like camp fire, peach and persimmon, and lilac and yuzu.

He is self-taught, a skill he acquired while studying to be an advanced sommelier.

He bought candle oils to train his nose and then learned how to turn those oils into candles.

When friends wanted to buy them, he turned it into a business and opened the South Street shop in the first year of the pandemic, creating a space for his creations along with those of other artisans.

You'll find gorgeous cocktail infusion kits, locally crafted cutting boards, local teas and coffee and candles from other makers he's consulted with.

For Ponson, the shop is a side hustle. He is a full-time lawyer by trade.

He holds candle-making classes in the evenings, teaching students the art of mixing and matching scents and helping them create their own custom candles.

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1533 South Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19146