'Distinguished Young Gentlemen' visit 6abc Studios

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Saturday, February 24, 2024
'Distinguished Young Gentlemen' visit 6abc Studios
'Distinguished Young Gentlemen' visit 6abc Studios

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A special group of visitors caused quite a stir at the 6abc Studios on Friday.

A student group known as "The Distinguished Young Gentlemen" turned heads, and not just because of their stylish suits, but also because of their substance.

The group came to Action News for a tour, putting their "best foot forward as always.

"I wear a suit and tie every day," said Dwayne Eric Frazier who founded the group three years ago with the help of school volunteer, Gordon Stewart, who is equally dapper.

The club meets once a week with the boys having to wear suits and ties every other.

"We want to teach the boys etiquette, how to conduct themselves in public," said Frazier. "The goal is that they would grow up and become productive citizens."

Being well-dressed citizens doesn't hurt either.

"It shows you're more than you're presented in your regular clothes," said 8th grader Lance Epps. "I think to myself should I wear a suit every day?"

Frazier, a teacher and retired Philadelphia firefighter, started the nonprofit three years ago at Cassidy Elementary School in Overbrook with the goal of taking kids far beyond their neighborhood.

"It's crazy how I'm able to be in a great place like this," said 4th grader Tyler Logan as he looked around the 6abc newsroom.

The 3rd through 8th-grade boys get mentorship, encouragement and life lessons.

"It's a very big blessing to actually be involved in something that could really change my life," Safiy Salley, an 8th grader.

"How to shake a person's hand with your right hand, looking people in the eye," said Frazier of the lessons taught.

With their clothes and their confidence, the Distinguished Young Gentlemen made a great impression Friday. It's one that they're hoping lasts a lifetime.

"I always tell them, we're preparing you for life," said Frazier who hopes to have the program and other schools.

For more information on Distinguished Young Gentlemen, visit their Facebook page: Distinguished Young Gentlemen