The Office! A Musical Parody puts iconic comedy on Merriam Theater stage

One of television's most beloved comedies is going from the small screen to the big stage, bringing back all of your favorite Dunder Mifflin characters to the Merriam Theater.

Frances Egler, Senior Director of Programming at the Kimmel Center calls the comedy musical a distillation of all of the seasons of the television show, "You have, Michael; you have Pam, Jim."

It is, Egler says everybody that you would want to see, "done with a lot of affection for all the characters of Dunder Mifflin."

It's a new show from writers Bob and Tobly McSmith who've turned other TV shows into musicals, including Friends and Full House. "They've found a real niche of being able to create these original parodies," Egler says.

Just like the TV show, "The Office!," the musical is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Egler promises it includes everything you remember from the show.

"Pam's failed romance and Jim's massive crush on her for years and years," plus Michael's office, "with his strategic use of Venetian blinds," adds Egler.

The songs in the show will have you laughing as well.

Welcome To Scranton (The Electric City) uses a familiar refrain, "in Scranton, nothing ever changes; it always stays the same."

The show's funniest lines show up in song. Remember one of Michael's favorite catch phrases?
"There's literally one called That's What She Said," Egler says.

The writers also gave the show some fun new twists.

"Michael is actually played by a woman," Egler says. "There's a funny double casting between Jim and Andy."

But she promises that the writers stay true to what made the original characters so fun.

The show is making its Philadelphia debut at the Merriam Theater from Sept. 28-29.

Kimmel Center Presents: The Office! A Musical Parody |For Tickets | FB
September 28 & 29
Merriam Theater
250 S Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102
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