Cast of 'The Wonder Years' digging the vintage 1960s vibe of clothes, props, sets

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Thursday, September 30, 2021
Bringing the 1960s to life on 'The Wonder Years'
'So many things remind me of the home I grew up in.' Actor Dule Hill and his castmates from 'The Wonder Years' value the vintage 1960s vibe on the set of their new comedy series.

HOLLYWOOD -- The new ABC series "The Wonder Years" is set in the 1960s - years before any of the core cast members were born! For the most part, they've been enjoying this step back in time.

"The home really bugs me out because so many things remind me of the home I grew up in," said Dule Hill.

Authenticity is key in helping "The Wonder Years" reflect a true 60s vibe.

"I love vintage things. I love old things, so I love all this," said Saycon Sengbloh. "The props, the shag rug, the rotary phone - I love all that stuff."

As for the wardrobe, 12-year-old Elisha EJ Williams had a little trouble adjusting to "the look" from that time period.

"Coming back to the 60s style probably is not something I would agree with," laughed Williams. "But when I wear it I feel like I'm there."

Hill, who plays family patriarch Bill Williams, had a real touchstone to relate to with his wardrobe.

"In dealing with the clothing and the style, it reminds me so much of my dad and my uncles back then. Everything that they put on mattered," said Hill. "Being able to step into the shoes of Bill Williams and have that is an experience. It's a suit I'm enjoying putting on right now."

The female stars of the show also love the look of the era...except for one thing.

"I love the wardrobe. It's so beautiful and fun. It's like dress up every day," said Laura Kariuki.

Saycon added with a laugh: "But I will say the hard core old fashioned girdles are a lot different than Spanx!"

"The Wonder Years" airs Wednesday nights on ABC.

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