Thanksgiving travel with a side of wintry weather

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Whether you are traveling through 30th Street Station, Philadelphia International Airport, or the roadways, wintry weather may cause your travel plans to not be as smooth as your gravy.

Thanksgiving is coming but first winter weather arrives so at Wegman's in Cherry Hill and at supermarkets around the region business is brisk. Better tick off those items on the list before any rain or snow starts to fall.

Local hardware stores are already hopping with snow in the forecast as PennDOT crews are gearing up to get busy themselves.

They were talking turkey at the Mill Hill Child and Family Development Center in Trenton where Tuesday morning volunteers from a number of businesses and organizations delivered 200 turkeys for distribution along with the makings for a holiday meal.

At the DiPaola turkey farm in Hamilton the mad rush is on to pick up the fresh turkeys they're famous for. There's even a police car out front for traffic control. At Italian People's bakery in Trenton, the ovens are on overload preparing for Thanksgiving.
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