What's the Deal: Cheapest holiday travel times

The holidays are quickly approaching and if you travel between Thanksgiving and New Years, you know it can get expensive.

But the travel website Orbitz let a little cat out of the bag - there's a "secret week" to book the cheapest flights.

Now through Monday, October 17th will get you the deepest discounts on booking your holiday destinations.

Another tip for cheaper holiday travel are to go for the less traveled days.

They include the Monday before Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Day itself.

For Christmas, December 23 will be the cheapest and for New Year's Eve, travelers will find the best deals on December 31st.

Early morning flights are usually the least expensive - and most reliable.

Also, choose package deals and bundle airfare, hotels and car rentals. The more services you add on, the less you pay.

Finally, consider planning Your holiday AFTER the holidays.

If you're flexible, you can save a ton on both airfare and hotels by traveling the week after the holidays.

Then you can also expect fewer crowds.