CHAT REPLAY: What Is Your Heart Risk? Learn About Common Risk Factors From a Heart Specialist

Wednesday, December 14, 2022
CHAT REPLAY: Learn About Common Risk Factors From a Heart Specialist
Experts from St. Mary's Medical Center answer viewer questions on heart disease, from causes and diagnosis to treatment options.

Patricia Kroekel, CRNP

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

Patricia Kroekel, CRNP, is a board-certified acute care nurse practitioner by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Patricia started her career off as a nurse and has found an interest in matters of the heart, specializing in cardiothoracic surgery. She is passionate about the care and education she is able to provide to her patients, often using visual applications to break down complex topics.

Issues with the heart can be anxiety provoking and greatly affect your quality of life. Treatment options can become complex and navigating recovery can become difficult. Patricia and the Heart & Vascular team at St. Mary Medical Center aim to educate patients on their disease and find an individualized treatment plan that fits them and their family.

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