Save on groceries with subscription boxes of 'ugly produce'

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Tuesday, October 8, 2019
Save on groceries with subscription boxes of 'ugly produce'
Save on groceries with subscription boxes of 'ugly produce' - Alicia Vitarelli reports during Action News at 4:30pm on October 8, 2019.

Buying organic fresh fruits and vegetables can get expensive.

There's a new crop of delivery services promising to slash the price significantly if you can give up notions of perfectly manicured produce and learn to love what they call "ugly produce."

"We essentially get our hands on misfit produce - ugly, imperfect, sort of odd-shaped produce," said Abhi Ramesh, the founder of Misfit Markets.

For the pears that aren't pear shaped or the apples that aren't perfectly round and red, Misfits Market gives them a new life.

"Like a carrot that's twisted on itself or a really misshapen squash," said Ramesh.

Ramesh started the Philly-based operation. He says this organic food that's perfectly good to eat is still considered unsellable by many supermarkets.

And from their Philadelphia home base, Misfit Markets ships out subscription boxes weekly, based on what's in season.

"The surprise also means they also have to discover what these vegetables are and fruits are and learn how to use and cook them," he said.

For shoppers who aren't set on perfect produce, Ramesh says you can get a big discount.

"30 to 50 percent less than what you would be getting at a grocery store," he says.

Imperfect Foods and Hungry Harvest are other companies with the same mission. They also offer subscription services here in our area.

ABC News recently compared subscription boxes from all three services and found that all of them are less expensive than traditional grocery store shopping - and that includes the delivery.