UPenn's Pan-Asian Dance Troupe brings authentic representation through dance

ByNick Iadonisi WPVI logo
Thursday, May 11, 2023
Penn's Pan-Asian Dance Troupe brings representation through dance
University of Pennsylvania's Pan-Asian Dance Troupe is bringing students together to bond over their heritage through their shared hobby of dance.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- University of Pennsylvania's Pan-Asian Dance Troupe blazes the stage with authentic cultural performances.

The student choreographers create a blend of traditionally inspired movements combined with modern flow.

Dancers draw inspiration from a variety of backgrounds, including Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, and Thai influences.

"To us, it represents our roots. And it represents the strength of our community as a whole" said Artistic Director, Bonnie Chen.

The group's rehearsals create a safe environment where students can express their culture through their shared hobby of dance.

"Being able to kind of experience my culture in this new way is very exciting ... it feels more of like, a part of my life," said Angelina Yu, President of Pan-Asian Dance Troupe.

Dances incorporate props such as flutes, fans and water sleeves as well as costumes to fully capture the essence of the culture.

Rehearsals lead up to an annual show in February, along with various events in between, and a new troupe is ushered in each fall.