Bucks County teens who have grown up to be upstanders pass the torch to younger peers

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Sunday, April 21, 2024
Bucks County high school students teach youth how to be upstanders
These Bucks County teens are taking a stand against bullying and preparing their younger peers to do the same.

BUCKS COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- When looking for upstanders in the community, these bucks county high school students would tell you to look no further.

The Pennridge School district is home to an anti-bullying program where high school students teach young kids how to be upstanders.

"NOVA is a comprehensive crime victim agency. We help people who are victims of crime as well as affected loved ones who live in Bucks County," said NOVA Prevention Coordinator, Katie Sanford.

"ENCOURAGE Upstanders is a peer education program where we oversee a group of high school peer educators who then become the program facilitators in grades one, three, five and seven," she continued.

The high school students recognize the impact their voices have on their younger counterparts when coming from someone close to their age group.

That is something High School Senior and participant, Michael Muiruri, reflects on.

"I'm from Kenya, came here when I was about six years old...Coming from a country where I wasn't able to have role models like they have here...being able to be part of one is awesome, because I know the kids definitely look up to us in many different ways that we don't even realize," said Muiruri.

For more information, check out the video above.

Also, check out the program on NOVA's website.